ActiveX Communications Example
World Wide Web Serial Communications

This example tests the ESPSX3 Ethernet 10 Base-T to RS232/RS485/RS422 Serial Port Server (3-ports)

Currently points to an ESPSX3 board connected to 4 serial devices which respond to
the commands G01, G02, G03, and G04. When the button labeled "TEST" is pressed, this ActiveX control 
will transmit the messages "G01", "G02", "G03" and "G04" to the ESPSX3 board over the internet. The
ESPSX3 board passes these commands to the attached serial devices and waits for the responses to
be returned, once received the response messages will be displayed on the right side of the control.
The commands can be changed is desired: For example "L01" is a valid command for port 9101.

This example shows how serial devices can be accessed over the World Wide Web.


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