Welcome to our Ethernet ESPSX3 Serial Port Server Software Download Page
(updated May 6, 2006)

Free firmware updates for the ESPSX3 are now available for download!
(programming cable required - available from R. E. Smith)

Important Note: COM Port Redirect software for existing serial applications is available
from tacticalsoftware.com; Serial/IP and will work with the ESPSX3 board.
Also, a 30-day demo version is available for free download.

Check back often, we are working on our own "way cool"
COM Port Redirect software with some very nice features.
We expect to have a beta version of this software in the next week or two.
Price is good also; it is included with the purchase of an ESPSX3 unit.
Click here for a look at some preliminary screen shots of our
redirect software.
We also have a solution (hardware) for redirecting existing serial ports on your
PC to ethernet ports. This CANNOT be done with redirect software. Call Ron
at 513-874-4796 for additional information on how to solve this very difficult problem.

Click here to download the RabbitFlashUtility.exe (self extracting zip file, 368k)
for reprogramming the Rabbit 2200 Module on the ESPSX3 - cable required.

ESPSX3 Software versions available for download (Beta Version 2.8 recommended):
UDP ("Multicast") and SNMP formats will be supported in the near future. Digital I/O "extension cords"
for remote control over the ethernet/internet between two ESS3X64 units (3-RS232 ports,
4-optoisolated inputs, and 4-form-C relay outputs) are almost ready for shipment. Call us!
We are also working on a 6-port serial port server with digital I/O.

Click here to download the espsx3v2p8-10-28-02.bin file (Version 2.8, 10-28-02, 184k).
(Note: Latest Beta Version with enhanced virtual "Console Port," support
for 8-E-1 / 8-O-1, very fast operation of serial ports
, and password protection. Now with
XON/XOFF flow control and improved stand alone operation over the internet/ethernet)

Click here to download the espsx3v2p8-10-28-02-ess.bin file (Version 2.8, 10-28-02, 184k).
(Note: Software for the ESS3X64 3-port serial with digital I/O board. Call for additional info.)

Click here to download the espsx3v2p7b-09-06-02.bin file (Version 2.7b, 09-06-02, 176k).
(Note: Beta Version with enhanced virtual "Console Port," support
for 8-E-1 / 8-O-1, very fast operation of serial ports
, and password protection.)

Click here to download the espsx3v2p4c-05-20-02.bin file (Version 2.4c, 05-20-02, 172k).
(Note: Early version, fast operation, extended serial buffers, other features.)
(Note: Problems have been detected in standalone mode - use Beta Version 2.8 above.)

Click here to download the ESPSX3 Users Guide espsx3guide.pdf (1,239k)

(Also, use espsx3configv2p2-09-07-02.exe Windows Configuration Utility Software for all versions, 746k)


Use the program RFU.EXE to load the ESPSX3 binary image.

Unzip the file RabbitFlashUtility.exe (self extracting zip) into a folder and copy the selected .bin file into the same folder. Execute the RFU.EXE program from the folder where the files were extracted. This is a windows application that loads the firmware into the ESPSX3 via a serial communications port, using a programming cable available from R.E.Smith.

1. Setup
   a. Communications - Select the appropriate communication port and buad rate (115200).
   b. Boot Strap Loaders -

       Cold Loader : C:\your_directory\coldload.bin
       Pilot BIOS : C:\your_directory\pilot.bin

2. File - Load Flash Image Enter the path to the current .bin file and press O.K. (or current name.bin file).

Note: Do NOT use a USB to Serial port device to connect to the programming cable, connect directly to COM1 or COM2 available on most PC's.

Model ESPSX3: Ethernet 10 Base-T Serial Port Server (3-ports)

Click on image above for larger photo (Full configuration shown).

Please call us at: 513-874-4796

 Contact Information:
R.E. Smith,  10330 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
 513-874-4796 Phone, 513-874-1236 Fax., rs485.com
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