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Software, 7-Port 3.0KV Isolated RS485 Repeaters, Cat-5 Converters. Scroll down for the latest info.

Extended temperature range (-40C to +85C) units, for many models, will be available soon.
The IRS422HV (RS422/RS485) is now available (-40C to +85C, 3.0Kv isolation).

Download the data sheet for the IRS422HV:

IRS422HVrevB.pdf (166k, 3.0KV Isolated RS422/RS485 Converter with extended temperature range) REV. B
IRS422HVrevA.pdf (160k, 3.0KV Isolated RS422/RS485 Converter with extended temperature range) REV. A

Let me spin a VERY large Ethernet I/O network for you!

R. E. Smith I/O Commander:

The I/O Commander is designed to communicate, test and control our line of digital and analog I/O products. However, due to its flexible nature, it can also be used as a general purpose terminal emulator (color coded TXD/RXD, split screen modes, and 32/1024 "hot-keys") and, as a drum sequencer. The terminal emulator now supports COM1 through COMX, and data rates from 300bps to 921.6Kbps. Now with flow control and parity.  Same low cost: Free

Download RescomdrV5.1.exe software for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and NT (Does NOT require installation).

Download: RES-IO-COMMANDER.zip (1.4 MB zip file, Newer, Faster, Smaller, with enhanced features, NO installation required! 11-11-06).

R. E. Smith XPCOM1 Ethernet 10/100-T Serial Port Server:

Download Product CD for latest information: XPCOM1-XPCOM232-RevD-CD-FOLDER.zip  (11.6M)

Call for additional information.

We would appreciate any comments or suggestions during this development phase.

For information concerning the ESPSX3: ESPSX3information

R. E. Smith SuperCas Software (for our line of Code Activated Switches):

Version 2P1a (8-12-2001) of the "R.E. Smith SuperCas" software is now available for download. We have several new products that allow "networking" RS232 devices over an RS485/RS422/Fiber Optic/Ethernet Serial Server "backbone." These Code Activated Switches are addressable and very flexible. The CAS24 is a single RS232 switch port and, the ICASX4 has 4 addressable RS232 switched ports with an isolated RS485 "backbone." The FCASX3 has 2 addressable RS232 switched ports and, one switched port that can be RS232 or Isolated RS485 and operates over a Fiber Optic "backbone." The CAS232X8 is a 1 of 8 RS232 software selectable switch (connect 8 RS232 devices to one RS242 port on your PC). Please call for additional information. The ESPSX3 is an Ethernet Serial Port Server with 3 buffered RS232 com ports (one port can be Isolated RS485/RS422). Use this software for all CAS products.

Download: SuperCASV2P1b.exe (698k, NO installation required!)

R. E. Smith CAS24 Software (for Code Activated Switch RS485/422 <=> RS232):

Original version (3-3-2001) of the "R.E. Smith CAS24" software is now available for download. The CAS24 can be used to network several (250+) RS232 devices over an RS485/RS422 network. Use the SuperCAS version above to take advantage of all the features of the CAS24 board. For reference only.

Download: CAS24.exe (552k, NO installation required!), and : CAS24.pdf (Manual, 791k)

RS232<=>RS485<=>RS422 Converters Spread Sheet (Selection Guide):

Download basic information about our Converters and Accessories in .pdf format.


CONVERTERS.pdf (25k, Converters Spread Sheet)

(Isolated Communications Spider - "Let me spin a very large RS485 network for you!")

This unit can be connected to a computers' RS232 port, and distribute RS485 via 7 Isolated Ports to form large/robust networks. Units can be cascaded for very large RS485 multi-drop (2-wire, half-duplex) networks.


ICSX7HV.pdf (69k, ICSX7HV, 3.0KV Isolated RS232<=>RS485(X7) Repeater, Schematic)

ICSX7HVSS.pdf (241k, ICSX7HV, 3.0KV Isolated RS232<=>RS485(X7) Repeater, Physical Drawing)

ICSX7HVpcb.jpg (71k, Photo of ICSX7HV, 3.0KV Isolated RS232<=>RS485(X7) Repeater, Circuit Board)

R. E. Smith CAT-5 Converters(SS Series) and RS232 "Extension Cords":

The SS (super simple) series of Converters have a minimum number of configuration jumpers and, in general will allow RS485/RS422 connections using Category-5 cable. Some models can even supply power to a remote converter over the Cat-5 cable. These units should NOT be connected to the Ethernet.


SSACXXmanual.pdf (28k, General Information/Manual for SS Series of Converters, RS232 "Extension Cord" Info.)

SSAC24T.pdf (80k, Automatic RS232<=>RS485 Converter with RJ12/Removable Terminal Strip)

SSAC24R.pdf (93k, Automatic RS232<=>RS485 Converter with RJ45/CAT-5)

SSAC44T.pdf (89k, Automatic RS232<=>RS485/RS422 Converter with RJ12/Removable Terminal Strip)

DB9CAT.pdf (72k, Automatic RS232<=>RS485/RS422 Converter with DB9M and RJ45/CAT-5)

HUBCAT.pdf (77k, Four Port Connection Hub for RS485/RS422 with RJ45/CAT-5)

SSC232F.pdf (95k, Full-Duplex RS232 to RS422 "Extension Cord" with RJ45/CAT-5)

SSC232M.pdf (95k, Full-Duplex RS232 to RS422 "Extension Cord" with RJ45/CAT-5)

Model IHV24XT (3.0KV) and IRSFC24XT (1.5KV) Opto/Xformer Isolated Intelligent RS232<=> RS485 Converters (Replacements for the Model IRSFC24T):

The Model IHV24XT Converter is an "industrial strength" unit with Intelligent Detection and Display of Internal/External Error Conditions. This converter provides an onboard microprocessor and 5 LED indicators to help identify problems during installation and normal operation. This unit offers dual transient protection in addition to the 3.0KV isolation. The unit operates from 9-35VDC. Operating speed is 300-115.2Kbps with a "Fast Automatic Transmitt Enable Circuit." The IHV24XT will also operate as a "standard" converter with display of data activity (TXD/RXD) on the RS485 side of the interface. Call for additional information. Units are available off-the shelf. If you can find a more robust/flexible, "high speed" automatic converter, than the IHV24XT please let us know!


IHV24XT.pdf (131k, IHV24XT, 3.0KV Isolated Intelligent RS232<=>RS485 Converter Schematic )

IHV24XTpcb.jpg (79k, Photo of IHV24XT, 3.0KV Isolated Intelligent RS232<=>RS485 Converter, Circuit Board)

IRSFC24XT.pdf (138k, IRSFC24XT, 1.5KV Isolated Intelligent RS232<=>RS485 Converter Schematic)

IRSFC24T.pdf (131k, IRSFC24T, 1.5KV Isolated Intelligent RS232<=>RS485 Converter Schematic)

IRSFC24XTmanual.pdf (206k, New Product Manual for the IRSFC24XT and IHV24XT Converters with Software Selection)

Model USB232 Converter for USB <=> RS232 (DB9M connector): This product is NOT available.

Model USB232 will convert USB <=>RS232 at data rates up to 230.4Kbps. Call for more information.


USB232.jpg (5k, Photo of USB to RS232 Port)

We are currently working on an Ethernet/Internet I/O Unit with 24 opto-isolated inputs and
24 form-c relay outputs, in a rack mount chassis (1.75"). Remote I/O control from your computer
or use a pair of units in stand-alone mode over the Ethernet/Internet. Call for more information.

preliminary drawing for the RIOC48L-1.75 rack mounted Ethernet/Internet I/O unit (Telco Type-2):

RIOC48L.pdf (137k, Ethernet/Internet Remote/Local I/O unit, Internet I/O around the world)

Model FCASX3 Fiber Optic "Backbone" 3-Port (RS232/RS485) Code Activated Switch:

The FCASX3 is a Fiber Octics Repeater, with two RS232 and one RS232/RS485 Code Activated Switch ports. Ports can be selected by sending a command over the Fiber Channel. After selecting the desired port, data can be sent/received from the target port. Call for additional information.


FCASX3manual.pdf (354k, Manual for FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch)

FCASX3cpu.pdf (98k, FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch, CPU/RS232 Schematic)

FCASX3485.pdf (68k, FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch, Isolated RS485 Port Schematic)

FCASX3fr.pdf (61k, FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch, Fiber Optic Repeater Schematic)

FCASX3ss.pdf (187k, FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch, Physical Drawing)

FCASX3pcb.jpg (127k, Photo of FCASX3, Fiber Optic 3-Port Code Activated Switch, Circuit Board)

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Customized Microcontroller Software:

Many of the standard Micro devices can be customized to fit your exact needs.

For custom embedded software, on our microcontrollers or on your projects.

Please contact Paul Dayton at distributedmicro.com